I express myself through art like a form of language. I love making art. I love metal. Those reasons drive me to continue creating art, and has always been with endless passion, imagination, and with perseverance.

Currently I work on three series entitled - 'Tree', 'House of Clouds' and 'Shape of Thinking'.

About the sculpture 'Tree': Trees are my favorite subject matter, and have been the center theme of many pieces I've created so far. The love I have for trees transcends simple adoration. It is highest form of respect that I have for their strength, tenacity, and stability. These silent giants’ passive energy invigorates me in ways that is unattainable through other sources. It is this energy that encourages me to pursue creative working and keep me long term commitment working.

I hope my work would enable the viewers to reconnect with nature. With society such as ours that changes at such an accelerated pace, the significance of nature tends to disappear. Hopefully, my work would allow more people to re-sync with nature and appreciate the beauties that lie within.


Moonlit tree 04
The Tree
tall trees
Yellow Blossom
Tree - autumn
a moonlit tree 2-lamp
A tree 02
Summer tree - Solstice
A Summer Night
Trees-A Winter's Tale
A Tall Tree 03
The Vault
A Tree
Hoping Tree
A tree - Simmering Leaves
Two Trees
Two Suns
A Tall Tree-Lamp
Three Trees
Walking in the Woods
the trees - life of a tree

Study Trees

Shadow of leaves
Triangles 02
Rustle of Leaves
Osteology- Trees 02
Osteology -Trees 01
Exoskeleton of Trees
King & Queen
Triangles 01